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COLOR THE SOUND (CTS) is music and visionary artistry. Before reaching a public audience, CTS received validation from industry veterans like Eddy Schreyer (A Perfect Circle, Korn), Rob Hoffman (Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera). It began in the mind of Jesse Zenitram as he explored altered states of consciousness, philosophy, theology, meditation, fasting, lucid dreaming, and astral travel. He discovered a deeper awareness of reality and bore witness to phenomena that forced him to reconsider everything he believed impossible. If life is a mystery that cannot be solved, then may we not enjoy the journey? After returning to his senses, he realized his goal: to encourage love and transcendence through synesthesia.


He locked himself in his home studio and isolated his work from all trends. He learned many different instruments, studied sacred geometry, the physics of sound, and the art of capturing it. He worked tirelessly to develop the engineering and production techniques needed to realize his dream. The manifestation of his sacrifice surfaced in the form of a handful of online demos with astonishing response from industry professionals, other musicians, and especially music fans looking for something captivatingly unique.

The debut album Affection : Affliction is a concept album that aspires. The one true love that humanity longs for, and the devastating fall from grace. The pre-release has already received recognition from music publishers and industry professionals. Mastered by the legendary Eddy Schreyer, he passionately stated: “Nobody has ever done this before. This is so fucking good!”


In less than a year, COLOR THE SOUND was awarded The Best Progressive Electronic Artist in Sacramento by The Artery Foundation and Ground (ctrl) and a regular favorite of DJs and concert fans alike.


What’s next?


Open Your Ears : Heart Will Follow


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